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Healthy Cooking Oils

Striking Oil When you think of oil, what comes to mind? We think of French vinaigrettes, fried chicken and perfectly sautéed veggies, just to name a few. And thankfully, these favorite foods are made all the better with oils, the kind that are an integral and essential part of our diet. For centuries, people have rendered fat, squeezed olives, collected cream and savored fish to obtain the fatty acids their […]


Spaghetti Squash Scampi

  Prep Time15 Mins  Cook Time50 Mins Ready In1 Hour 5 Mins   Ingredients: 1 lb. pkg. cooked, frozen shrimp, thawed 1 tbs. garlic powder 4 tbs. olive oil (little more if necessary) 1/2 tbs oregano 1/2 tbs sage 1 med. spaghetti squash 1 large lemon – juiced salt and pepper to taste *Makes 2-3 servings Directions: Cut squash in half lengthwise, scoop out seeds and place flesh side up […]


Blueberry Mint Green Tea

Ingredients: 1 cup green tea (6-8 oz) 1/2 cup frozen blue berries 4 fresh mint leaves (washed) 1 tsp honey (optional for more sweetness)   Preperation: For the green tea follow the directions on the box, no need to let cool just add ice cubes. Throw all ingredients into a blender so that the blue berries, ice and mint leaves can be blended into the tea well. Poor and enjoy! […]